Dominic Dumbra
Son of Augie Dumbra - D-377

US Air Force
1st Sergeant
Azar, Portugal
Joel Costello
Grandson of Karl Klemm - Retired

US Army
Private First Class
Robert Freewalt
Son of Carl Freewalt - D-300
Grandson of Jerry Freewalt - Ret

US Air Force
Offult Air Base, NebraskaKarl P. Klemm
Son of Karl R. Klemm  141 / 1
Grandson of Karl A. Klemm Ret

US Army
Fort Sill, OK

Felix Pagan
Son-in-law of Arnold "Tex" Mauger - D-40

US Army
Sergeant 1st Class
US Army Recruiting Station
Marion, IN
Kevin Slater
Son of Mark J. Slater - D-860 

National Guard
Company 1613
Engineer Support Co
Served 5 years with Marines (1year in Iraq)

Now stationed in Afghanistan  
Brandon & Amanda Sroufe
Son of John Sroufe D48

US Air Force
Staff Sergeant
RAF Lakenheath, UK

Staff Sergeant
Mildenhall, UKJohn Solomon
Son of Kevin Solomon - D-151
Grandson of JerryFreewalt - Ret

US Army
Private First Class
Grafenwoer, GermanyClinton Swisher
Son of Bart Swisher - D-52
Grandson of Bart Swisher Sr. Ret

US Army
E6 Staff Sergeant
Justin Thrush
Son of Jeff Thrush, D-42

US Army
KuwaitWesley W. Hare
Son of Rick Hare, D-181

US Marine Corps
Helmand Province
AfganistanMichael MCGuigan
Son of Larry Hershman

US Army
Staff Sergeant
384th MP BN Kabul
AfghanistanCaleb & Casey Hadaway
Sons of Denny Hadaway 600/1

US Marine CorpsBrandon Hadaway
Son of Denny Hadaway 600/1

US Marine Corps
Family Members          
Proudly Serving Our Country...
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Brandon KummerSon of Rick Kummer-Retired    US Marines      Corporal  San Diego Mirmar Airbase

Warren Dickes    Son of David Dickes - D-56       US Army  Specialist       Germany

Megan Dickes     Daughter of David Dickes IN Air Natl Guard       Airman 1st Class   Ossian, IN

Amanda Sroufe   Daughter of John Sroufe - D-48         US Air Force    Senior Airman Eglin AFB -Fort Walton Beach, FL

Brandon Sroufe   Son of John Sroufe          US Air Force     Staff Sergeant Mildenhall, England

Ann Kobiela-KetzDaughter of Dave Kobiela-Retired     US Army   Major      Landstuhl Regional Med Center - Kaiserslautern, Germany

Brian Ketz   Son In-law of Dave KobielaUS Army  Major      USA-EUR HQ - Heidelberg, Germany

Timothy Rothgeb Son of Byron "Bud" Rothgeb    US Navy   OCS       Afghanistan

Wesley Hare       Son of Rick Hare - D-181         US Marines      Lance Corporal      Camp Pendelton - San Diego, CA

Jeff Tofflemoyer    Son of Mollie Britton- Retired   US Air Force    Master Sergeant      Eilson AFB - Alaska

Birk Greene         Clock #7785 Dept 181     US Army  Private    Unknown

Jeffrey Johnson    Son of John Johnson -Retired  Army Reserve   Specialist       Kuwait

Jacob Nemeth     Son of Gary Nemeth, Retired   US Army         Sergeant                         Ohahu, HI

Andrew Clauser   Son of Cliff Clauser - D-181              US Marines     Gunnery Sergeant           Indianapolis, IN

Eric Mutzfeld       Son of Chuck Muzfeld - D-44    US Army         Private 1st Class            Iraq
Other Local 903 Family Members Serving Our Country
"It is the soldier, not the President, who gives us democracy.
It is the soldier, not the Congress, who takes care of us.
It is the soldier, not the Reporter, who has given us Freedom of Press.
It is the soldier, not the Poet, who has given us Freedom of Speech.
It is the soldier, not the Campus Organizer, who has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.
It is the soldier, who salutes the flag; who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag" ~Army Chaplain C.Christensen~

Local 903