The paperwork needed to complete the retirement process is no longer handled for you by the Dana Human Resources Department.

The following are the steps you need to take upon deciding to retire:

You need to start this process 90 days prior to your retirement date.

1.  Call Sara Layson (Dana HR) at 260-481-3118, and give her the date that you would like to retire.

2.  Call the Dana Pension Center at 1-866-338-9412 to request a retirement package. 

3.  Call the USW Pension Trust at 1-800-848-1953 and request a retirement package. 
Late paperwork submitted to the USW Pension Trust, will NOT be processed retroactively. 

It takes approximately 2 weeks for these packages to arrive. 

The processing of your USW paperwork and your first check will run 2-3 months behind your Dana pension, since all paperwork must be completed at Dana first.

If you need help with your paperwork, see a committeeman in the union office, or Lynnette at the union hall.


 4.  If you will be turning 65 at the time of retirement, you will need to enroll in Medicare. You can enroll anytime in the 3 months prior to your birth month.  If you enroll late, coverage is NOT retroactive.

If you are already drawing Social Security, your enrollment is automatic. Coverage will begin on the first day of the month of your 65th birthday. You will receive your Medicare card by mail about 90 days ahead of your effective date, so watch for this card. 

Do not turn down Medicare Part B. Both Medicare Parts A & B are required for your VEBA Healthcare Plan. The VEBA's plan supplies your Part D (drug) coverage. Do not sign up for any drug plans or Medicare Supplement Programs.


5.  Pick up your health care enrollment form from the union office. 
    You will need to complete:

     a. The enrollment form.

     b. Authorization for Automatic Payment, if you want the premium deducted from your pension, checking, or savings account.

     c. A beneficiary form for the $10,000 death benefit that is part of your insurance plan.

This needs to be mailed about 45 days prior to your retirement date. If you are Medicare eligible, a copy of your Medicare card needs to be sent with the paperwork.

Forms & Premium Information Can be Found on the Insurance Link


6.  Contact Vanguard at 1-800-523-1188 to manage your account.

You may receive a letter from the Social Security Administration titled "Potential Private Pension Benefit Information." If you do, the information contained in this letter is in regards to your 401 account.