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General Membership Meeting
May Meeting


May 2020
Hector Gallo

April 2020
Don Troyer

March 2020
Stuart Travelbee

February 2020
Ronnie Green
Steve Krouse
James Nei

January 2020
Solomon Miller
Larry W. Kahn

November 2019
Robert Neal
John Shaw

October 2019
Quincy Noel
Charles Wirges

September 2019
Michael Hale
Gary Ice
Holly "Pete" McClure
Kevin Wilkinson
Daniel Woenker

August 2019
Robert Aguilar​
Mark Angel​
Phillip Hess
Charles Landes
Carol Linton
Ronald Skinner
Charles Stewart

May 2019
Douglas Handlin

A Message From Your Membership Retention Committee

Please take a moment to remember the accomplishments of your local union on behalf of its members and retirees...


​September 1st


Our Union Hall Administrative Assistant, Tammy is available to assist you with your retirement benefits.  She will also help you with questions that may arise regarding your pension and health insurance. 

    Due to the Coronavirus, if you choose to come into the office please call to make an appointment.  Remember to wear a face mask and follow social distancing guidelines.  Thank you!


8AM - 4PM

Phone:  260-432-6918
Fax: 260-436-4371

2228 Lakeview Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46808


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Asbestos Claims:

If you or your loved one worked at Dana Corporation before 1981 this message is for you.

If you were diagnosed with various cancers linked to asbestos you are entitled to special benefits.  This also applies to families of deceased cancer victims.

To Learn more about Asbestos Claims, click on this link:
Indiana's 2020 Primary is June 2nd

To see who is running in your area, please click on the image below to 
be directed to the Indiana Voter Portal.  

At this website you can find your poling location, check your registration status, and find information about the candidates.

If you requested a mail-in ballot, remember that it needs to be submitted to your local Indiana County Office by Tuesday, June 2nd at 12 Noon.    
Coronavirus Updates
For more information about the virus please visit the CORONAVIRUS Page on this website.  
Here you will find links and information from the CDC, State of Indiana, IRS, FEMA, USW, and your Health Insurance 
Plan regarding COVID-19
Active                       707
Sick Leave                 20
Union Leave                1
Military Leave              2
Laid Off                       0
LT Disability               42
Total                        772
Last Man                8477
Retired                     935
Updates from Dana - Fort Wayne Plant

  • Production started on ​May 18th. Approximately 200 employees were called back.  The voluntary lay off language of the contract is being used for each shift.  There will be a gradual increase of 
          call backs over the coming weeks.

  • When you enter the building there will be a nurse to greet you and take your temperature.  You will be required to wear a face mask at all times.

  • American Income Life Policy Holders: If you pay for your own policy you are eligible to have your premiums waived for up to 3 months (currently).  Go to the website ailife.com and print the Lay-Off Waiver Form.  You will have to complete a form for each month.
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